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Is the Tourist Guide Career Right For You?

Posted by canyouguideme on 03-22-2011 at 12:48
Current Location: Hawaii
You know your island better then anybody? You want to hang out with people and have some spare time?
Then you should try yourself as a Tourist Guide for Hawaii!
Now it is easy as one-two-three: just  go to the www.canyouguideme.com and register your Guide profile just for free!

It is the first website designed to connect tourists with local guides and instructors. While the site is in its promotional stage, registration is free. As a member, you can reach a worldwide audience!

Our site provides prospective travelers access to information on a wide range of the best attractions in the United States, the Caribbean, and Great Britain. We are expanding our scope, toward becoming a global resource for tourists, tourist guides and sports instructors.

As a registered guide, you get to build a personal page, to organize all the information and photos for the places you are guiding. This page includes a personal mailbox for immediate client feedback.

Membership will promote your name in three ways:

1) Your page will appear in search engine results, without the cost of a personal website.
2) Your information will be available to tourists through an easy and elegant interface.
3) You can build pages for all of the attractions you are guiding, with detailed descriptions.

We look forward to bringing the best adventures to one place!
It is so easy to begin :)

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