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Is the Tourist Guide Career Right For You?

Posted by canyouguideme on 03-22-2011 at 12:48
Current Location: Hawaii
You know your island better then anybody? You want to hang out with people and have some spare time?
Then you should try yourself as a Tourist Guide for Hawaii!
Now it is easy as one-two-three: just  go to the www.canyouguideme.com and register your Guide profile just for free!

It is the first website designed to connect tourists with local guides and instructors. While the site is in its promotional stage, registration is free. As a member, you can reach a worldwide audience!

Our site provides prospective travelers access to information on a wide range of the best attractions in the United States, the Caribbean, and Great Britain. We are expanding our scope, toward becoming a global resource for tourists, tourist guides and sports instructors.

As a registered guide, you get to build a personal page, to organize all the information and photos for the places you are guiding. This page includes a personal mailbox for immediate client feedback.

Membership will promote your name in three ways:

1) Your page will appear in search engine results, without the cost of a personal website.
2) Your information will be available to tourists through an easy and elegant interface.
3) You can build pages for all of the attractions you are guiding, with detailed descriptions.

We look forward to bringing the best adventures to one place!
It is so easy to begin :)


Looking for a new home

Posted by thor_leifson on 05-08-2008 at 03:02
I'm currently looking for a new rental home. If anyone has anything at or around $800-$900 on the Hilo side with at least two, preferably three, bedrooms, I would love to hear about it and maybe check it out.

bird is the word
Posted by visualsounds on 05-10-2007 at 23:22
*props to whoever random person is playing Weezer right now in HPP*

haha, I can hear some band practicing and it dawned on me all of a sudden that they were playing Say It Ain't So....

I don't know if 11:30pm is the best time to have band practice but hey..

bird is the word
Posted by visualsounds on 04-05-2007 at 10:23
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket



Posted by shera34 on 03-15-2007 at 12:29
Hello all! My fiance is being offered a job on the Big Island and is being given the choice of working in either Kona or Hilo. I read the last post which discusses weather in both, however I was wondering about quality of life information in both cities. It seems to appear that housing near Hilo is not very expensive, is that because the area is not safe?

We have not been to the Big Island, just Oahu on a trip, so any information would be greatly appreciated!

haneul bl


Posted by neoreulwonhae on 01-18-2007 at 12:35
Hello everyone!

I'm on the mainland right now, Oregon to be exact, and my family and I are very interested in moving to Hawaii. Our focus is on Kona.

We've researched a lot and learned a lot, but I wanted to get a local opinion; what locals do, what they think about Kona, etc... We've read a lot about the native Hawaiians not always warming up to Mainlanders or whites, and I just wanted to know if that was a generalization or a stereotype. I have much respect for the natives and their islands. I think Hawaii is amazing and beautiful, no wonder people want to move there!

So I'd appreciate any local insight on the community there, just for some more information and contrast. Mahalo. :D


Opening in a home in Hilo

Posted by thor_leifson on 10-08-2006 at 20:37
If anyone is interested, I have a room opening in my home at the end of this month (available as early as the 20th of October, 2006). The house is three miles from the UHH campus, has ample parking, is furnished, and is relatively quiet. Utilities (gas, water, electric, and cable modem) included, $600 per month.

If anyone is interested, please post your contact information here. I've set comments to be screened, so I should be the only one who can see your info.


barefoot in the park

apartment search

Posted by shakewell on 09-05-2006 at 12:35
Current Location: indianapolis, in 46205
Current Mood: stressedstressed
Current Music: npr news radio
hello, all!

over the summer, i lived in honoka'a and got to enjoy a lot of great things in hilo. right now, i'm back at home on the mainland, but, come january, i'm transferring to the university of hawaii at hilo to finish my bachelor's degree.

i'm desperately looking for an apartment in hilo (preferably near campus, but i'll take what i can get). i've got a few listings through the university, but i'm very interested in checking out all the options.

i've tried searching on line through sites like rent.com, but there are very few listings for the island and none for hilo.

so, if you could point me toward any sort of resources--phone numbers, web sites, friends, whatever--i would greatly appreciate it. i'm really looking forward to moving to hilo. perhaps, then, i'll get to thank some of you in person for your help with this.

thanks so much!

Posted by _ladybug on 06-09-2006 at 20:37
Hi guys!

Me and my boyfriend are going to spend lovely week in Hawaii. We are from N. California. We are both freedivers and I hope we won't have problems with that. But my boyfriend is crazy about spearfishing. And I will be thankful if anyone can give me some information about sperfishing in Big Island - rentals, phones, charters, rules etc.

Thanks a lot!

Camping in Oahu

Posted by tahoevirgin on 03-08-2006 at 16:31
So,after weighing my options I think we may hop over to Oahu in the beginning of May. There are direct flights from Vegas to Oahu. We could rent a car and camp on the windward coast just north of a place called Laie(?). Has anyone been?

I have been to Maui (and camped there too).

Thanks for your help.

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