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barefoot in the park

apartment search

Posted by shakewell on 09-05-2006 at 12:35
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hello, all!

over the summer, i lived in honoka'a and got to enjoy a lot of great things in hilo. right now, i'm back at home on the mainland, but, come january, i'm transferring to the university of hawaii at hilo to finish my bachelor's degree.

i'm desperately looking for an apartment in hilo (preferably near campus, but i'll take what i can get). i've got a few listings through the university, but i'm very interested in checking out all the options.

i've tried searching on line through sites like rent.com, but there are very few listings for the island and none for hilo.

so, if you could point me toward any sort of resources--phone numbers, web sites, friends, whatever--i would greatly appreciate it. i'm really looking forward to moving to hilo. perhaps, then, i'll get to thank some of you in person for your help with this.

thanks so much!


thor_leifson at 2006-09-05 18:17 (UTC) (Hale)
The university housing office has a rotating list of available rooms and houses. The other key resource for Hilo is the Hawaii Tribune Herald online. Keep an eye on their rentals in the classified advertisments.
shakewell at 2006-09-05 18:27 (UTC) (Hale)
thank you!
visualsounds at 2006-09-05 18:46 (UTC) (Hale)
i know someone who's got a house with two rooms to rent. it's a nice house, i get the feeling they were the first to move into it cause it's got that new-house feeling to it still and the people that all lived there before are really clean and respectful of things. It's a three bedroom, one bathroom house and the rooms are $300-$340. It's about 2 1/2 miles from UHH though so that might be too far for what you're looking for.
shakewell at 2006-09-05 18:50 (UTC) (Hale)

not too far

that sounds really great. but i doubt it'd still be available in january. maybe i could give my contact info to them, though, just in case.
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